Seems We Struck a Nerve with Snorkel Bob


Yellow Eye Kole Tang

With all of our criticisms of Robert Wintner and his hypocritical views on saving the reefs of Hawaii, it seems our articles and comments have finally struck a nerve. A few days ago, we wrote a brief article centered around a video that showed up on Coral Magazine where Wintner compares Hawaiian yellow tangs to chickens, calling them chickens of the sea. In the video, he also fumbles a simple explanation of algae and gets the biology totally wrong. We of course jumped on his comparisons and the story was eventually shared on the Facebook page for A Different Kind of Farm, a documentary about the world’s first seahorse farm located in Kona. Much to our surprise, Robert Wintner himself commented on our story. Of course, he wasn’t too happy with our comments, but didn’t reply to anything we actually said. Instead, Bob just fires off  that we (aquarium keepers and collectors) are hated in Hawaii. I couldn’t resist commenting back, and we invite you all to join in on the conversation as well. Either comment here or over on the Facebook page for A Different Kind of Farm where Robert Wintner might actually see it.


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