Splotchy Wild Percula Clown Seen at RVS Fish World


Splotchy Wild Percula Clownfish

For some people, an aberrant clownfish with splotches and misbarring in place of normal looking bars is a welcome site. The clown offers a pattern that is completely unique and found in no other individual. For others, the site of a wildly patterned clownfish is a disgusting one since many hobbyists feel these Picasso and Snowflake clowns are the result of genetic tampering and inbreeding, and are therefore completely unnatural. But what if the wild designer clownfish patterns were natural? How would hobbyists react then? Well, the crew at RVS Fish World has caught a wild Amphiprion percula clownfish that not only has an unusual pattern, but the patterns are drastically different than the normal looking clown. None of the bars on the clown are intact. Instead, this unusual clownfish from the Philippines has irregular spots and splotches where the bars should be.

This is certainly a cool clownfish in our book, and given the fact that it is all natural makes it even better. Since we presume the hobbyists that already like the designer clownfish will be amazed by this fish as well, we’re curious to see what others might think about this fish. Sound off in the comments below.


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