Stunning Adult Golden Bass (Liopropoma aberrans) Seen at Blue Harbor


It seems like every month, the Japan-based fish collectors at Blue Harbor are showing off some super rare fish that nobody else can seem to get their hands on. To rub our noses in it even more, they don’t just get one individual of a rare species, but apparently multiples. Just a few months ago, Blue Harbor was showing off a submersible caught juvenile Golden Basslet (Liopropoma aberrans), and today they are displaying a video of a much larger and much more colorful individual. The mature basslet in the video above is a vibrant yellow with light red coloration on its side. The juvenile shown off earlier this year on the other hand, was a pale yellow with hints of pink, making it nowhere near as attractive. Seeing as how the last golden bass sold for approximately $10K, we expect this one to fetch a similar, if not slightly higher price, especially since it’s so much larger.


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