The New Tunze 6095 Nanostream Has Landed


Tunze 6095
After months of waiting, the Tunze 6095 has finally become available to the public and we’ve got our hands on a pair of them. The photo above is actually one we took while at MACNA since we haven’t had a chance to unbox our very own pumps yet, but we will have a very detailed review very soon. Until then, we can go over a few details that make this model so unique. As you can probably tell from the photo above, the 6095 is a wildly different pump than anything else offered in the Tunze lineup. It is a Nanostream pump with dimensions identical to the other pumps in that lineup, but it has a widemouth opening that is actually lacking the cross bar flow stabilizers seen on other Tunze pumps. This combination of features on the outlet housing reportedly creates a wider and more turbulent downstream water flow, which many hobbyists have been clamoring for. In addition to those new features, the pump will be controllable and have a flow rate of 528 to 2,510 gallons per hour. The retail price for the 6095 is set at $265, which is about $35 more than the 6055 Nanostream.

Stay tuned for our review, which will include some video footage and a comparison to other Nanostream models.


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