Tip of the Day – 10/26/2011


Aquarium pH can be a finicky beast. It regularly fluctuates in and out of the desired range and often plunges during the night, causing many aquarium keepers to both worry about their inhabitants and spend countless hours trying to set their pH right. Many hobbyists use additives such as pH buffers to keep their pH elevated, but constantly having to add products to the aquarium is a daunting task that gets really old really fast. To help maintain stable pH levels, many aquarists run their refugium opposite of the main display’s lighting schedule, add Kalkwasser to their top-off water orĀ  calcium routine, cutback on the use of calcium reactors, and use protein skimmers and other aerating devices to blow off excess CO2. There are obviously multiple ways to elevate the aquarium’s pH, so pick the one that fits into your system best and see if they help.


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