AI Sol Modules Offered with 70 Degree Optics Only


AquaIllumination Sol Module
With the help of a mixture of both 40 degree and 70 degree optics, the AquaIllumination Sol module has been known to be quite the PAR monster. Because of the LED arrangement and the tightly focusing optics, the light from the module is very intense right under the center of the module, but quickly dissipates the further away from center you get. This arrangement is ideal for deeper aquariums, especially since you need to get good penetration to provide enough light to corals at or near the bottom, but for shallower tanks this presents a little bit of an issue if the proper steps aren’t taken. Many users who switched to AI LEDs from some other source of lighting have experienced mild to severe coral bleaching if the proper light introduction methods weren’t followed. They either had shallow aquariums, corals positioned higher up in the aquarium, or didn’t follow good light acclimation techniques. Responding to shallow tank owners and those hobbyists seeking a wider light spread, D-D the Aquarium Solution has teamed up with AquaIlluminations to create a Sol module that offers nothing but 70 degree optics. These optics spread out the light and reduce penetration, making them ideal for tanks shallower than 24″ and for reef keepers who have corals positioned high up in the tank. And fortunately for those who own AI Sol modules fitted with the 40 and 70 degree optics who want to change things, the Sol is modular and allows users to make these upgrades with ease.

*Please note that this configuration for the AI Sol is only offered to European customers through a special agreement between AquaIllumination and D-D The Aquarium Solution. As far as we know, this configuration isn’t offered in North America.


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