Corals Glowing Under Heavy Actinics in Video


Although a lot of the more advanced aquarium hobbyists that we see in our respective aquarium communities have moved toward the overwhelmingly SPS dominated displays, there’s still a great deal of beauty to be found in a fully blown mixed reef, especially when the actinic lights come on. After all, who could deny the beauty of the fluorescent glow of swaying fleshy corals under heavy actinic lighting? The purple lights kick on, and the polyps from those beautiful and flowy LPS corals and zoanthids seemingly scream at you, offering up neon colors shades that would often go unnoticed under the typical white lighting. Further adding to the show, SPS corals glow a great deal too, with some having glowing polyps and others with fluorescing hard structures. While we don’t suggest running your tank on all actinic lighting all of the time, sometimes you just got to crank up the purple and enjoy the sights.


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