EcoTech Marine’s Coral Glue Does the Trick


We recently received a sample bottle of the fairly new Coral Glue from EcoTech Marine’s Elements line, so we decided to take it for a spin and cut up some corals. The bottle we got was a 30ml sample, a good size for the casual fragging hobbyist in my opinion and one that should be sold to the general public, and the glue itself has a very thick consistency that is easily applied to the frag plugs. The corals stick to the plugs with ease, staying upright for the most part. The cyanoacrylate based Coral Glue cures extremely quickly and it didn’t appear to leave behind that floating glue residue on the water’s surface that other glues slough off. To make our experience even better, the polyps on our newly cut and glued frags were coming out as soon as they hit the water.

And to top if off, I didn’t get any glue on my fingers. Usually, whenever I frag corals I always get a little glue on the hands. This is mostly due to the cheap squeeze tube leaking and runny applicators making a mess, but the Coral Glue’s bottle kept our fingers completely glue-free.


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