“Invisible Glass” Reduces Glare, Has Potential Aquarium Use

Invisible Anti-Glare Glass

Anti-glare Glass Shown off at FPD International 2011

Most of the advances in aquarium technology usually come in the form of new lighting, different protein skimmer features, and water pump updates to draw in new users. The actual aquariums don’t see much updating when compared to other types of aquarium equipment (after all how many different ways can you silicone some glass together in such a way that holds water?), so it’s nice to see some new technology coming in the form of a new glare-free glass. According to Endgadget, Nippon Electric Glass has developed a new type of glass that reduces glare by using a special film on either side of the pane. The film allows more light to pass through the glass completely, rather than bouncing off the surface and causing glare. This new glare-free glass is said to only reflect 0.5% of the incoming light. We all know how irritating that aquarium glare can be, especially if you’ve ever tried to take a photo of your reef inhabitants, so a product like this would be amazing for a glass reef aquarium. It might even level the playing field in the whole “acrylic is clearer than glass” debate, which is one point some acrylic aquarium enthusiasts use when justifying their desire to go that route for their fish tanks.

We wanted to thank AquaNerd reader SalvatoreĀ  F. for sharing this story with us.


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