Magnet Probe Holders and Algae Scrapers from Vertex


Vertex Sensor Mag Probe Holders

The Vertex booth at MACNA was full of new goodies, including a couple of stylish magnet-based products that make our lives a little easier. This clear acrylic equipment includes the Sensor Mag, which is a magnetic probe holder that can hold up to three different probes for your aquarium controllers. The Sensor Mag uses powerful neodymium magnets to hold it firm to the wall of your sump, along with titanium thumbscrews to secure the probes. Also getting the Vertex treatment are some nifty magnet algae scrapers for nano aquariums. Coming in two flavors, the algae scrapers are tiny but are sure to get the job done. One of the magnets is round, making it easier to get around those curved corners in the frequently used all-in-one nano tanks such as the Nano Cube and Biocube. The other algae scraper is slightly larger and sports a rectangular shape. And complimenting these new magnet-based products is some fancy packaging.

Pricing for these products should be around $30 for the probe holder and $2o for the algae scrapers. Additional pictures can be seen below.

Vertex Magnet Algae Cleaner

Vertex Algae Cleaner Mag

Vertex Sensor Mag


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