New Masked Angelfish Video Surfaces, No Longer a Shy Juvenile


The gorgeous masked angelfish (Genicanthus personatus) that we’ve been following for almost a year is no longer the shy juvenile swimming amongst a group of larger fish and hiding under coral colonies. The once small female is quickly becoming a gorgeous adult, now overshadowing many of its tankmaktes and exerting a little of her own dominance. In past videos for example, the masked angel was smaller than even the dwarf multicolor angel (Centropyge multicolor), but that’s clearly no longer the case. Besides being drop dead gorgeous, this angelfish is extremely rare. Found in the deep water surrounding Northwest Hawaii, most aquarium keepers have never even heard of this fish, let alone see it in person. And up until the Waikiki Aquarium gnabbed a trio of these fish for their latest exhibit, only a few of them were even in captivity. Fortunately for angelfish afficionados, YouTube user “personatus2010” has been so forthcoming with videos of this amazing fish.


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