Oceanic’s Updated BioCube HQI Seen at MACNA


Oceanic BioCube HQI
It’s been a while since the Oceanic BioCube with the open top design came out, and while we’re not typically fans of stock all-in-one nano aquariums, this new HQI BioCube looked pretty neat in the vendor hall at MACNA. Ditching the old hood style lighting scheme, this new nano features a 150-watt double ended HQI metal halide setup that is mounted to a swing arm that easily flips back and out of the way whenever an aquarium keeper needs to do some maintenance. The open top is closed off with a glass top to prevent fish from jumping out, but it’s use is optional.

Oceanic BioCube Open Top
Also making it’s debut in the BioCube is a built-in refugium that takes the place of the old wet/dry filters that were formerly included. To grow the algae, a light is mounted to the back of the aquarium and shines in on the macroalgae. We like seeing natural filtration instead of ceramic rings and bio-balls, but a refugium as small as this is very limiting and may not operate as well as a well-placed nano protein skimmer. Speaking of skimmers, the Oceanic HQI BioCube does come with a small airstone powered protein skimmer, but it’s another item we feel is a bit of an unreliable performer.


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  • MTWiley

    The tunze 9002 and a mediabasket from StevieT at mediabaskets.com fit nicely in that section on the older biocubes and probably the newer one too and delivers some awesome results. I’ve had mine up and running for about a year now and couldn’t be happier. An added bonus is that you get that clean all in one look and if the misses is anything like mine aesthetics count.