Step-by-Step Video Tutorial to Setup the EcoTech Radion


Don’t like to read directions when setting up new equipment or do you get so bogged down in instruction manuals that all of the features and settings start to blur together? Well, EcoTech Marine understands this and has released a video tutorial showing you how to setup your new Radion XR30w. This valuable video resource, which doesn’t have any sound unfortunately, goes through the setup process step by step, starting with the moment you plug the light in. It follows the setup process through multiple light modes, including the popular lighting storm functions and a feeding mode. Also detailed are the touch control of the Radion and how they are used to enter into the different modes.

Once juiced up, the light starts in a default setting called “Basic Mode”. This mode has several preset color temperatures that can be selected with the touch sensitive buttons on top of the light fixture. Once a setting is picked out, it will remain on that until changed. In Basic Mode, the timer functions do not work, but the light can be plugged into timers to turn the fixture on and off. However, as soon as the light is hooked up to a computer and treated to the EcoSmart Configuration Utility, the clocks will be activated and the light will move into “Artificial Mode”. Since we all know the basic mode isn’t enough for hardcore aquarists, let’s move on to the next setting.

The “Thunderstorm Mode” is a nifty function of the Radion as well. In this setting the lights slowly dim, then the whites start to flicker. Following the Thunderstorm, and bypassing the” Demo Mode” since I don’t see any realistic use of this mode over an aquarium, the “Feeding Mode” is examined. This is where the Radion really shows off its wireless communication capabilities. When the Feeding Mode is triggered on the lights, any EcoSmart powered VorTech pumps married to the wireless setup will also go into feeding mode. This means the pumps slow down significantly, allowing the food to stay suspended and easy to catch by the fish.

Wrapping up the video is a function to turn the lights off and on. Simply tap the three touch sensitive buttons on the top of the Radion and all of the LEDs will turn off. To turn the light back on, just repeat this action. Also examined in the video is the adjustment of the light intensity using those same buttons. To raise or lower the intensity by a single percentage point, just tap the appropriate button once. To rapidly increase or decrease the light output, hold the buttons down until the desired intensity is dialed in.


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