Stunning Juvenile Anampses lineatus Seen at Blue Harbor


I’ve been on a bit of a tamarin wrasse kick as of late, recently confessing  on the AquaNerd Facebook Page my strong desire to house a group of these in my tank. To make us long even more for this fish, the guys at Blue Harbor have released a video of a stunning little juvenile golden spot tamarin wrasse (Anampses lineatus) swimming in the typical erradict and undulating style they are known for. While not a rare or expensive fish by any means, tamarin wrasses d0n’t seem to be very common in the aquarium trade (at least not in my part of the country). The juveniles of this species show a very elaborate and irregular pattern highlighted by a faint gold coloration that eventually gives way to horizontally ortiented white stripes as it matures. In terms of aquarium suitability, they are a bit finicky and difficult to care for at first, but once established they do relatively well in a community reef aquarium. And while these fish are considered “reef safe” for the most part, they may go after invertebrates such as snails and hermit crabs if there is insufficient food.


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