Tenecor Shuts Down Shop Permanently


Tenecor Goes Out of BusinessTenecor has officially gone out of business. Much like the glass aquarium builders at Aquarium Obsessed, the acrylic aquarium manufacturer was another well known supplier of tanks for many years, eventually becoming one of the largest and most often purchased aquariums in the hobby. However, it’s their previous success that may have led to their downfall, at least in part. Tenecor eventually built a massive facility to build all of their tanks. With dwindling sales and long build times, Tenecor couldn’t move tanks fast enough to keep pace with the bills. Couple these falling sales figures with tough economic times, and they just couldn’t stay afloat.

For some, this news might come as a shock. Tenecor was fairly well respected and you couldn’t find too many complaints about their work on the popular aquarium forums. However, in recent years we’ve heard many reports of unusually sub-par quality, which most likely helped with the demise of the company. We got to see some of these tanks in person and can attest to their poor quality, but it is entirely possible that those where the select few that squeaked past Tenecor’s quality control. Regardless of the speculation, the doors have shut on Tenecor permanently. Let’s just hope none of our fellow hobbyists were waiting on an aquarium from them.


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