Tip of the Day – 11/24/2011


Today is Turkey Day, and chances are you will have a lot more people in the house than normal. While we tend to forget about our aquariums during holidays and family events, there are a few things we need to do to make sure they run smoothly during these times. For starters, a house full of people talking boisterously can depress the aquarium’s pH. With all of the CO2 floating around the air, along with poor circulation and increased room temperatures, the pH of the water can drop sharply. For this problem, cracking a nearby window should suffice for the most part. But what if the issues don’t stop there? What if your extended family members bring curious kids over? The best answer to curious rugrats is child proof locks on your aquarium stand’s doors. It would also be wise to keep certain things out of the way and as inaccessible as possible. Things like power cords, metal objects, and chemical solutions can all pique a child’s interest, and they might try to help you out by adding some calcium, pennies, or some other random object to the water.

Whatever challenges your holidays may bring to your aquarium, always make sure you are prepared. Have extra water on hand, keep an eye out for people tinkering with your setup, and don’t be afraid to peel away a little time from the friends, family and football in order to avert an aquarium emergency.


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