Win a Free Aquarium Controller in Reef2Reef’s Article Contest


Reef2Reef Article Competition
We love free stuff, so we like to promote aquarium contests any chance we can. The latest free gear comes in the form of not one, but three Digital Aquatics Reefkeeper Lite controllers from our friends at Reef2Reef. To enter the contest, all you have to do is write an article on their forum. The article will have to be completely original and completely new, meaning you can’t copy someone else’s work or republish old articles that you’ve written, and should be at least 500 words long. Proper spelling and punctuation will also help your chances, so be sure to weed out the typos. The contest will last until the end of November, but if a minimum of 30 articles isn’t received the contest will stay open until that number is reached. The articles will all be judged by R2R staff, with the three best receiving a Reefkeeper Lite.  And even if your article isn’t selected as a winner, you won’t be left empty handed. According to the contest rules, each “good” article will receive a R2R reef discount card.


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