AquaIllumination Settles on a Name for Their “Phoenix” Module


AquaIlluminations Phoenix Module
At MACNA earlier this year, AquaIlluminations unveiled a new module under the codename “Phoenix”. This module is the bigger brother of the popular AI Sol, and it has finally received its official name…the AquaIlluminations Vega. What makes this module differen than the Sol is that it offers up a few new features that really push the entire line forward by leaps and bounds. Besides the single row of four LED clusters with five emitters each, the Vega also offers wireless controllability built right in. Users can adjust the intesity of the modules via computer, and even create interesting effects like robust sunrise and sunsets, along with lightning strikes.

As for the name itself, we can’t say that we’re in love with it. The “Phoenix” codename actually seems so much more fitting, not to mention it already had all of the market recognition for that name. Regardless, the light has a lot to offer and at the end of the day the name doesn’t detract from that.


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