Aquatronica Releases Moon LED Fixtures and Dimming Module


Aquatronica ACQ510-120 Moonlight

Aquatronica, an aquarium controller system distributed by Hydor, has released a new Moonlight LED, model ACQ510-120, that will give aquarium keepers the ability to illuminate their reef at night. The light comes in at 120cm, or just under four feet, and is housed within an anodized aluminum shell. The light was designed with low power consumption in mind, and the blue glow is focused into the aquarium with the help of a methacrylate reflection lens. This LED light can be installed as a stand-alone fixture and independent from the Aquatronica aquarium controller system, and can be controlled with a simple timer for turning it off and on at specific times. Despite this, Aquatronica is also releasing a Moonlight Dimming Module that allows their controller t dim the intensity of the LEDs to create a variety of moon effects. In terms of mounting options, the Moonlight can be installed into a canopy or onto an existing light fixture with the help of screws that utilize the built-in mounts or an included “plastic velcro fixing system”. Currently, this moonlight is only available in Italy, but it should soon see worldwide distribution.

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UPDATE: We initially thought this light was only available in a four foot model, which left us scratching our heads. Fortunately, that information has been cleared up for us. The Aquatronica Moonlight will be available in three lengths of 2-feet, 3-feet, and 4-feet. Their power consumption is 2w, 3w and 4w respectively. The moonlights will be available Europe by mid-February and the US will get them a month or two after that.

From Aquatronica:


Lenght : 120cm

Led number: 60

Color : Blue (470mn)

power consumption: 4W

Voltage: 12V

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