CoralVue Teases New 8 Bulb T5/LED Hybrid Fixture


Coralvue T5HO and LED Hybrid Fixture
CoralVue dropped a teaser image on us yesterday, showing off a yet to be released 8-bulb T5HO and LED hybrid light fixture. And in being a teaser, no additional information was given. Fortunately, CoralVue has other models that share many of the same characteristics, which allows us to get a good gauge on what this larger fixture will offer. These features include parabolic spider bent T5 reflectors with 95% reflective Germany mirror finish aluminum for each T5HO bulb, a microprocessor controlled ballast that allows for 40% more T5 bulb life, and 1 watt blue LEDs to cause corals to fluoresce or to serve as a moonlight. The light is enclosed in an extruded aluminum housing that is treated with an automotive grade high gloss painted finish. For mounting hardware, this hybrid fixture is provided a free hanging system and an on-tank mounting system with height adjustable legs. A single power cable runs from the fixture to a junction box, which then splits off into six power cords. This may take up a lot of room in the power strips, but it also provides users with the ability to operate many different parts of the fixture at different times, which allows for robust dawn-to-dusk control. The fixture should be available in early January 2012 and an expected price tag hasn’t been revealed.


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