Ecoxotic Tosses on the Dimmer Switch


As if the LED products from Ecoxotic weren’t versatile enough, the lighting company is offering up an inline dimmer switch that is compatible with their popular Stunner Strips, Panorama Pro Module, and EcoPico LEDs. To use the dimmer, simply plug it into your existing Ecoxotic LED strips or modules, adjust the dial, and walk away. There’s nothing simpler than that. The dimmers offer up flicker-free control of your LEDs and let you set the brightness and the color spectrum, whether it be to fine tune the look of your display or help acclimate corals to the onslaught of light. Each Ecoxotic dimmer costs around $15 and has a capacity of 60 watts at 24V. And since it’s compatible with all four power splitters, the dimmer can adjust multiple LED strips at once.


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