Ecoxotic’s PAR38 TriColor LED Lamp


Ecoxotic Tri-Colro PAR38

Ecoxotic is beefing up their LED arsenal by adding a little more color to their PAR38 lamps. By utilizing three colors of LEDs, which include four 6500K white, two 660nm red, and six 453nm blue Edison high power emitters, their new PAR38 TriColor enhances the colors of the aquarium. This spotlight enhances red, purple and blue colors in the tank while remaining energy efficient and provides a shimmer that rivals even what is emitted by metal halides. And to help the PAR38 to direct the light into the aquarium, Ecoxotic has outfitted it with 60 degree optics, which should provide good water penetration and spread the light out to some extent. Consuming only 18watts of electricity and using a form factor that fits into most typical light sockets, the TriColor LED is an easy choice for most aquarium applications. It should be noted that this new batch of PAR38 TriColor lamps is the same price as the original Ecoxotic PAR38, but they use more LEDs, wider optics, and less energy.
A video of this new PAR38 TriColor LED lamp can be seen after the break.


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