GHL Discontinues 4 Way Power Bar, Remaining Stock Selling at Great Price


GHL STDL-4 Power Bar

GHL, the company that brings us the Profilux line of aquarium controllers, has recently announced that they are phasing out their STDL-4 4 socket power bar. On top of that, it was revealed that all of the remaining stock will be sold at a ridiculously low price through their North American distributor Aqua Digital Inc, who happens to be based out of Canada. This Power Bar will be offered for $59 plus shipping, and pre-orders are currently being collected for an expected delivery date sometime around mid-January. It is also important to know that a $25 deposit is required to place the pre-order. From what we can tell, this discontinuation is designed to free up a little market room for a newer model of the 4 Way Power Bar, model number PL-0028. The newer model is a digital Power Bar that uses up less space on the controller by being able to be daisy chained instead of each requiring a dedicated port.

As for the Power Bar that’s being discontinued, the STDL-4 comes with preset channels that make it ideal for running various lighting technologies, heaters, and chillers all on separate circuits. This Power Bar plugs into S1S4 or S5S8 outlets on the ProfiLux controller and cannot be daisy-chained with digital Power Bars.

To order your crazy cheap Power Bar, contact Aqua Digital Inc through their Contact Form or on their ReefCentral forum.


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