Interruptus Angelfish (Centropyge interrupta) Lands in the Diver’s Den


Interruptus Angelfish (Centropyge interrupta)
Back in November, we drooled over a pair of rare and beautiful Interruptus Angelfish (Centropyge interrupta) that popped up at Blue Harbor. Not expecting to see any here in the US, we watched the video over and over again, eventually sulking back to our keyboards only to pointlessly wish to gaze upon these fish in person some day. Fortunately, those wishes aren’t totally out of reach, as LiveAquaria just posted their own pair of Interruptus Angelfish in their Diver’s Den section yesterday evening. Each of these rare beauties comes in a roughly 2″ in length and both have a $2500 price tag. The two fish obviously have their juvenile coloration in full effect, which is what drives up the price tag on these beauties. Unlike a lot of show fish, rare angels are actually more expensive as juveniles and slowly lose their value over time. This is due to their more muted colors as adults, but we have to say even an adult C. interrupta is stunning.

Given the fish’s rarity, we’re curious to know if these two juvenile Interruptus angels aren’t the same individuals we saw from Blue Harbor.


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