New Water Leak Detector Coming to the GHL ProfiLux


GHL ProfiLux LeakSensor

Don’t trust freshwater top-off systems on your reef aquarium? Have a chronic fear of stepping out of the house only to return later to a giant flood? Well, if you are a ProfiLux owner you’re in luck. GHL is about to launch their newest controller add-on, the LeakSensor. This sensor uses 80 spring-loaded metal contacts to detect water that is conductive, e.g. saltwater, if it spills from your aquarium either through a faulty top-off setup or a leaky aquarium. Once a leak is detected, the sensor tells the aquarium controller to kill whatever equipment it is attached to. These could be return pumps or pumps feeding freshwater to the aquarium.

GHL ProfiLux LeakSensor Hardware

The good thing about the GHL ProfiLux LeakSensor is that the metal prongs don’t have to be fully submerged in water to detect the leak. A small amount of water is all that is needed to prompt the sensor to start barking orders at the ProfiLux controller. This system isn’t without its limitations unfortunately, as it cannot detect water filtered through a reverse osmosis unit since freshwater is a poor electrical conductor. Fortunately, our aquariums are saltwater, and even if the tank gets inundated with freshwater a spill will still be detected because it will still be conductive.

Another nice feature to the LeakSensor is the fact that multiple units can be linked together to provide even more protection against potential leaks. This will help detect spills in multiple areas, which is good because leaks tend to pop up in random places where we’d never even think to place a sensor if we only had one.

The launch date and official price have yet to be released, but GHL promises them shortly.


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