Reef Octopus Unveils BH50 Protein Skimmer


Reef Octopus BH-50 Protein Skimmer
A little more than a month ago, we uncovered a new hang-on protein skimmer from Reef Octopus. Little did we know that the single protein skimmer was actually part of a series, which now includes the nano-sized BH50. This tiny new skimmer seems to be as versatile as it is small seeing as how it can be used in-sump, in-tank, or in a hang-on orientation. On top of that, it’s loaded to the collection cup with features typically found in much larger devices. The BH50 sports a bubble diffusing plate, air silencer, mounting bracket, and a riser tube to adjust the water level. Taking it a little farther, the mounting bracket can be rotated left and right or even moved up and down. Couple all of those features with it’s tiny 5.1″x5.5″ footprint, and the BH50 would make for a great candidate for the rear chambers of your all-in-one nano aquarium. This tiny little skimmer features an Octopus OTP300s needlwheel pump and is rated for 50-gallons.


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