Amazing Room Divider Aquarium Install from ADG


While we don’t typically chat about freshwater systems, this new installation from the crew at Aquarium Design Group is a build that we just had to share. The setup is a room divider, separating what appears to be a closed in porch area and a living room area. These types of aquariums aren’t uncommon in the hobby, but this particular setup blows all others away with both its beauty and unique design. The wall separating the two rooms is rather thin, too thin in fact to hold such a deep aquarium, but that didn’t stop the ADG fabricators from coming up with an ingenious solution. The stand is built thinner than the aquarium, but uses an extended ledge that sits on top of the wall that is already in place. The wall is essentially acting as the front half of the stand and helps support the weight of the aquarium. The room divider aquarium setup is finished off with a wood panel on the front and dressed up in the back with a similar wood frame. The lighting is very subdued, giving the tank a deep Amazon appearance.


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