Are Touchscreen Aquariums in Our Future?


Recently at the CES show, Samsung unveiled their OLED driven “Smart Window”, which is a transparent touchscreen LED screen that can be installed on windows and other glass surfaces. Watching the video above, we immediately thought of potential aquarium uses. From the reports we’ve read, the transparent screen doesn’t replace a glass window, but simply attaches to it. This means the window¬†could potentially be mounted to the front pane of the aquarium, completely redefining the aquarium experience. Now you wouldn’t have to put an aquarium on some random wall or tucked away in a corner because your television is taking up prime viewing real estate. With the transparent LED screen, viewers could watch tv on the front of their aquariums. And because the back of the screen isn’t see-through, a privacy feature Samsung built into the screen, the inhabitants of your aquarium won’t be subjected to bright lights and flashes, which could cause them to cower away in the rock structure. When the Smart Window isn’t in use, it can be completely transparent, allowing aquarium keepers to gaze upon their mini-reef without distractions. But a television on your fish tank isn’t the only possiblity.

By hooking up the Smart Window to say, an aquarium controller, hobbyists could display graphs of water parameters on the front of the aquarium or potentially even control various other equipment with the touchscreen display. Obviously a Wi-Fi enabled aquarium controller would probably be required, but you could ditch the display compenents of the controller in favor of a massive touchscreen.

At the moment, this tech is all in the experimental phase, but it sure makes us scratch our chins and ponder the possiblities.


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