ATI Releases New Coral Plus T5HO Bulb


ATI Coral Plus Spectrum
In a time of LED domination, we’re still happy to find companies developing new products for T5 users. ATI is releasing a new T5HO bulb onto the market in the form of their Coral Plus. Building off the spectrum of other bulbs in their lineup, the Coral Plus will be a healthy blend of the Blue Plus, Aquablue Special, and Purple Plus. The resulting light output is white with a strong hint of blue, and still manages to squeeze in some rays from the red and green portions of the spectrum. The color is roughly 15000K, and by blending the colors, ATI is giving T5 users the ability to enjoy all of the spectra found in the rest of their fluorescent bulbs in their lineup in a single bulb.

Thanks George from ReefGeek for contacting us with the info.


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