Automatic Seahorse Feeder from ATB


ATB Seahorse Feeder

Seahorses are notoriously difficult to feed in any aquarium, let alone a reef tank. Fortunately, the crew at ATB are making it a little bit easier with their unique seahorse feeding station. This ingenious floating feeder has a simple tray that keeps the food in place, along with a rail reminiscent of a wild west hitching post that gives the seahorses to grab onto while they feed. The main shaft that supports the feeding tray is hollow, allowing the aquarium hobbyist to inject food down the tube and onto the tray without disrupting the skittish seahorses in the process. Floating the device is a chunk of foam, which can be adjusted up or down for different depths with the help of a thumbscrew that sets the maximum depth. Other than those scant details, there’s really not much else to say, as the feeder is a very simple device with a very specific purpose.

ATB Seahorse Feeder Tray

One thing we are a little surprised to see on this device is a block of styrofoam to give it buoyancy. The foam seems a little sloppy for ATB, though we can certainly appreciate its simplicity. Despite this, we’re wondering what other alternatives could have been implemented. Perhaps an air-filled plastic ball would be better, which would give the feeding station a buoy-like look. Regardless, the device is pretty nifty and should make feeding seahorses and other finicky eaters a tad easier. The railing on the outside of the tray looks like it could be removed, or at the very least raised, which would give fish access to the tray.

ATB Floating Seahorse Feeder

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