Back and Forth Banter on Hawaiian Aquarium Ban in Video


We recently discovered a little video dialogue from C Harding Productions showing both supporters and opponents of aquarium collection in Hawaii. The arguments are fairly well represented from both sides, as experts from different viewpoints chime in as to why each issue is important. We get to hear the typical points, but one individual struck a nerve with us. While one of the pro-aquarium industry arguments against the ban is centered around preserving the livelihood of aquarium collectors since they need to put food on their families’ plates, one individual counter-points by saying aquarium collectors can pick up employment elsewhere. Around the 50-second mark, Mel Malinowski, who happens to be both the publisher and author of “Snorkel Hawaii”, explains that Hawaiian species are more valuable if left in the ocean. But the argument doesn’t stop there. He further explains that aquarium collectors should drop their nets and pick up their snorkel gear to parade tourists all over the reef. We have a huge issue with this because the anti-aquarium establishment is completely hypocritical. They are in bed with the tourism industry and only want to ban the aquarium trade because it competes for the same resources. They don’t care at all about protecting fish and saving the reefs. Just look at their complete lack of arguments against the recreational and commercial fishing industries that are also very active in Hawaii. There aren’t any bills proposing a ban on recreational fishermen. There’s nobody complaining about anything else really, just aquarium collection.


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