Cherry Corals Invades Europe


Cherry Corals Europe

Europe is about to get a fresh dose of cherries with the help of US-based dealer of top shelf corals, Cherry Corals. The purveyor of amazing coral frags is expanding its operations overseas with the help of an unspecified business partner. And by working directly with their collectors in areas like Australia and other parts of the Indo-Pacific region, the amazing livestock we’ve all come to know and love will be shipped directly from the collectors to Cherry Corals’ partner in Europe. We assume there to be multiple European partners, as the Cherry Corals European website has almost 30 different countries listed as places being shipped to. These include the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and so many more. We couldn’t even begin to imagine the logistical and paperwork nightmares this venture entails, so you know the guys at Cherry Corals are dedicated to getting this done. Their website isn’t quite complete, but expect fresh cherries on the European site in no time.


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