Lipogramma robinsi Spotted on Video for First Time Ever


Curacao has been somewhat of a center for rare aquatic life as of late, with several very rare indiviuals being hauled up from extreme depths and finding their way into the tanks of rare livestock dealers. Fish from the Lipogramma genus seem to be making up a majority of this catch, and in keeping with the trends, the latest amazing and rare deepwater beauty to surface out of the Caribbean is another gem from that genus. The Lipogramma robinsi is a beautiful but small fish that is so rare to the aquarium trade that the video above is the only known footage. This individual was collected sometime last month at a depth exceeding 500 feet, most likely with the help of a submersible. This footage comes to us from Blue Harbor in Japan, who will likely put a price tag greater than $10,000 on the L. robinsi.


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