Tip of the Day – 1/3/2012


Most starfish don’t do too well in the typical reef aquarium. They require a wide variety of foods and huge tanks with plenty of live rock in order to survive. Because starfish have such tailored diets that most aquarium keepers just cannot provide, they often eat the entirety of what’s available in the aquarium and then slowly starve to death. A perfect example is the Linckia starfish. These vibrantly colored invertebrates are highly sought after because of their looks. Unfortunately, they have a complex diet that isn’t fully understood. For this reason, coupled with the fact that they require pristine water conditions, the stars often deteriorate after a few months of what most hobbyists perceive as healthy living. But if you’re just dying to house a colorful starfish in your aquarium and are creeped out by brittle stars, the fromia star is a better candidate, though they have their own special requirements.


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