Vertex’s New Vectra Self Cleaning Protein Skimmer Lid


Vertex Vectra Motorized Protein Skimmer Cleaner Lid
Since making their big debut in the aquarium industry a few years ago, Vertex Aquaristik has been on the cutting edge of equipment design and functionality. They have constantly released top notch products at reasonable prices, and one of their most popular products is getting a sweet new add-on. The Alpha cone-shaped protein skimmer, no doubt a flagship product for Vertex, is getting a new motorized self cleaning head. Simply called Vectra, this cleaning device replaces the skimmer’s factory lid and uses an adjustable wiper blade fixed to a rotating arm to clean the skimmer’s neck. The cleaning action removes all of the gunk that builds up in the neck of the skimmer, which allows it to function more efficiently for longer periods of time. This also means you don’t have to break down the protein skimmer nearly as often, though routine maintenance is always recommended.

Judging by the sneak peak images we found, the Vectra will retain the stylish looks of the Alpha protein skimmers. The lid is iPod white and the motor is sealed tight behind a clear acrylic cap. And once on the skimmer, the Vectra can be secured to the collection cup with titanium screws, which are the same screws found throughout the Vertex product line. In terms of availability and models, the Vectra will be available in many shapes and sizes, with both 120v and 220v models also being available. We expect at least one model for every model of Vertex skimmer, and we wouldn’t be surprised if custom sized models also became available.

We haven’t been able to nail down a firm release date or the expected price point, but we’ll be sure to update with that information once it’s made available.

Vertex Vectra

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Vertex Vectra Automatic Protein Skimmer Cleaner

Vertex Vectra Skimmer Lid


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