ZEOvit Adds New Sizes to their Additive Lineup


ZEOvit 100ml Additives

The gang at Korallen-Zucht is beefing up their ZEOvit lineup by offering up many of their popular products in a fun new size. Originally offered only in 1000ml, 500ml and 250ml bottles that proved to be a bit pricey, the ZEOvit additives are now coming to us in a fun new size. Tipping the scales at 100ml, the new smaller bottles will likely ecompass the entire product line at some point, but products such as the ZEOvit B-Balance, K-Balance, Amino Acid LPS, ZEOstart3, and Pohl’s Xtra are already geared up to be released into the wild. Prices haven’t been released as of yet, but given the fact that most of the 250ml additives are around $30-45, we expect the 100ml bottles to come in around $20-30, making the ZEOvit system a little easier on the pocketbook.

Continue below for a few product descriptions courtesy of Proline Aquatics.

Amino Acid LPS

ZEOvit Amino Acid Concentrate LPS 100ml

A high quality Nutritional Suppliment for large polyp stony corals and Softies. Helps support regeneration of injured corals with immediate expansion of coral tissue after dosing. Positive effects on coral growth and a great crutch for fragging!

Recommended dosage: 1ml/50gallons daily


ZEOvit Pohl's B-Balance 100ml

Enhance your REDS!!!! in Stylopora, Acropora, Pocillopora. A special not for Cesptularia. B-Balance will help maintain its natural blues and increase reproduction.

Recommended dosage: 1ml/25gallons daily

Pohl’s Xtra

ZEOvit Pohl's Extra 100ml

Color Enhancer Improves coral growth, and vitality. Colors are notisable enhanced.

Recommended dosage: 1ml/25gallons daily


ZEOvit K-Balance 100ml

(Potassium Concentrate) Enhances growth and coloration for all corals especially SPS and increases polyp extension within a short period of time.

Recommended dosage: 1ml/25gallons daily


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