Aquarium Specialty to Offer Pimped Out Trade Show Tanks


Aquarium Specialty Big Show Aquarium Full

Our pals at Aquarium Specialty just informed us that that have created the ultimate all-in-one aquarium. This setup is a swanky new fully functional tank designed specifically for aquarium vendors or hardcore hobbyists to show off corals on the trade show circuit, impress the locals during frag swaps, or simply show off collections of rare corals as a store display. The online vendor of aquarium goods has partnered up with the acrylic fabricating gurus at My Reef Creation (MRC) to build this 1 1/4″ acrylic beast of an aquarium that comes in at 72″ x 36″ x 12″ with a volume of roughly 135 gallons. This aquarium, even though geared toward aquarium vendors with all of its features, is currently available to hobbyists and professionals alike. Additionally, AS has told us that a smaller version will be available, all the while hinting that it will be somewhat customizable so that you could get a setup that is better suited to your needs.

More details and images below.

The ultra sleek stand is made from powder coated steel, complete with custom casters that can safely hold the weight while at the same time allowing the aquarium to be easily moved and repositioned. The metal is surrounded by black acrylic on the sides, along with a thich black PVC back insert that is secured to the stand with powerful magnets. The front is dressed out with a clear acrylic viewing window capped off with a black acrylic frame, which is designed to show off the equipment while remaining completely enclosed to protect the setup from being tampered with by curious event goers. To address the mobility needs of the avid aquarium trade show vendor, the stand (and aquarium) can be tranported without ever having to break it down, as it is totally plug and play and has hard plumb equipment going into the sump, pumps, protein skimmer, and canister filter.

In terms of filtration equipment, the entire system was designed for both mobility and overkill. The MRC Reef Sump sits below the tank and house a trio of 4″ filter socks. From there, the water is sent to an oversized Orca Pro 1 protein skimmer and a pair of MRC media reactors that can handle just about any media you throw at it. Further adding to the mobility of the setup, the tank, sump, reactors and skimmer are all ported for easy draining. Simply drain the tank and roll it out of the door.

The light fixture on this bad boy is where we were really blown away. The 6-foot long aquarium is powered by three Radion XR30w LED fixtures from EcoTech Marine, and the black acrylic mounting hardware built by MRC has left us speechless. Besides being oh so easy on the eyes, the light fixture easily detaches from the aquarium and is designed to lay down inside the tank for easy storage and transport. There’s really not much else to say, so we’ll just let the pictures do our talking.

Aquarium Specialty will be the sole distributor for these aquarium setups.


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