Black and White Clownfish with Blue Tail Stripe


Clownfish with Blue Tail Stripe

We love unique aquarium livestock with strange aberrations and color morphs, so it’s no surprise that our interests were piqued when iBluewater posted an image over on 3reef showing a black and white Ocellaris clownfish that had an interesting blue stripe on its tail. Other than this peculiar stripe, the clownfish looks completely normal. Heck, even the barring seems uniform and normal. So why did this blue color develop on a stripe that forms as the clownfish matures? Those answers are obviously unknown without extensive testing on a lifeless fish, but the color could be a result of either environmental or genetic factors, and we all know how much more valuable the latter would be.

We were a bit skeptical about the blue stripe when we first stumbled across this image, to be completely honest, so naturally we started started asking questions. Fortunately, Bob from iBluewater has more images of the rare fish, blue stripe and all. Obviously those weren’t posted here quite yet, but we’ll get those images and a little more information about the clownfish the AquaNerd loyal very soon. Until then, enjoy the image above and a brief bit of text from iBluewater

The Blue tail line Australian/Darwin’s B & W Ocellaris is quite possibly the rarest black & white Ocellaris in existence. This very rarest is another iBluewater find. Have a look at the pic below, notice the completely blue 3rd bar. (bar closest to its caudal fin)

Breeder’s & Hatcheries this specimen is a must have, separate yourself from your competitors.


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