“Blacker Ice” Clownfish from Proaquatix


Proaquatix, a company that specializes in breeding clownfish and several other marine ornamentals, is adding yet another captive-bred fish to their ever growing offering. The latest release is actually another clownfish called the “Blacker Ice” Ocellaris clownfish. This new color morph is the result of crossing a Black Ice Snowflake, which actually has a great deal of orange coloration, with an all-black Ocellaris. The resulting offspring are basically black Snowflake clowns. The Blacker Ice clowns still posses some orange coloration on their faces, at least as juveniles like those in the video above, and we assume the adults will have a more mature, deeper black coloration. Because Proaquatix is a fish supplier that doesn’t sell directly to the public, we don’t have a price on these fish, but if retail prices online and at the fish stores that carry their fish hold steady, we expect the Blacker Ice to be around $120-130 per individual.


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