Digital Aquatics Unveils New SL2 Module


Digital Aquatics RKM-SL2

Digital Aquatics has expanded their lineup of accessories to their ReefKeeper aquarium controller with the release of a brand new module, the SL2. This tiny little module features individually isolated pH and salinity ports, along with one temperature port and two switch ports that can be used to regulate an auto-top off or perform some other custom program. The salinity probe is built off a conductivity probe with temperature compensation, which is great if you have multiple aquariums in the vacinity or are gearing up for a water change and want to see how salty the new water is. Salinity is given in parts per thousand (PPT) and the entire module is upgradeable via firmware updates. The asking price for this module is set at $80 and should be hitting store shelves soon.

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  • Any word on whether or not this salinity probe is actually functional on this version?

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  • SoTM

    This module is NOT brand new, it is a replacement one to the previous SL2 that was plagued with problems. This one has a different connector to avoid confusion with the previous one. Digital Aquatics uses proprietary connectors and probes, so you are stuck using their probes. Other controllers use standard ones.
    This SL2 was announce 7 months ago, It has still not been released, true to Digital Aquatics nature. This company is a JOKE!!!!