Kessil Expanding LED Lineup with A150W Amazon Sun for Freshwater Aquaria


Kessil A150w Amazon Sun

We just got word from Kessil that a new A150W Dense Matrix LED aquarium light is ready to make its big splash onto the aquarium scene. While the first few pendants from Kessil (the Ocean Blue, Deep Ocean Blue, and Sky Blue) were all aimed directly at saltwater aquarium keepers, their new A150W Amazon Sun is clearly one for the freshwater guys. The Amazon Sun pendant mimics natural sunlight at 6700K white, which has been specifically designed to provide all of the necessary photos for freshwater plant photosynthesis. That being said, this nifty little pendant would make for a great refugium light (though it would be overkill) or even as a warm, high PAR light for those overly blue reef aquariums. This new Kessil A150W Amazon Sun light consumes just 36watts of juice and is “immediately available” to aquarium keepers here in the US.

A copy of the Kessil email newsletter can be read below.

Kessil Introduces A150W Amazon Sun for Freshwater Aquariums

Kessil Lighting takes another leap forward in The Spectral Revolution® by launching A150W Amazon Sun. A150W Amazon Sun mimics a natural, 6700K white light and is Kessil’s first aquarium pendant light designed for freshwater aquariums.

A150W Amazon Sun is the latest addition to Kessil’s line of aquarium illuminators. Harnessing the power of Dense Matrix LED, A150W Amazon Sun emits a 6700K Special Blend light to radiantly illuminate and nourish plant life and fish in freshwater aquariums. Like all Kessil’s aquarium illuminators, it penetrates deep into any tank and provides a beautiful shimmer effect that brings aquariums to life. A150W Amazon Sun also features an innovative heat management system that sips only 36W and is estimated to last 40,000 hours.

“Kessil’s engineering team perfected a special LED phosphor recipe to illuminate and enhance plant growth and color in your freshwater aquarium,” said Brian Chiang, Vice President of Marketing. “Amazon Sun simulates a bright, sunny day. It’s the ideal color temperature for freshwater tanks.”

Kessil’s A150W Amazon Sun is immediately available in the U.S. market. For more information on A150W Amazon Sun or other Kessil products,visit


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