New Dosing Pumps From Salt Water Connection


SWC Master Doser Pump

Salt Water Connection, the Canada-based supplier of the very popular SWC protein skimmer, has just unleashed their very own dosing pumps onto the aquarium equipment market. These new dosing setups will come in two versatile flavors, which have either three or four individually controlled peristaltic pumps, respectively. The SWC 3 Dosing Pump is a standalone system that features an on-board controller that allows it to be operated independently of aquarium controllers and any other hardware. Basically, just plug it in, program it, and go. And from what we’ve read, the programming is really easy and the instructions are very easy to follow. Within a few button pushes, the pumps can be adding valuable liquid elements to your reef aquarium. The SWC 4 Dosing Pump, on the other hand, cannot function on its own, but operates as an add-on to the three pump version. It was designed to merely be a way to expand the capabilities of the controllable model, and given the price, it’s a very cost effective way to do so. In terms of pricing, the controllable 3-pump model comes in at only $275, with the add-on model being $250. As far as we know, these are some of the most inexpensive dosing pumps available to aquarium keepers and they’re coming to us from a well respected brand.

These dosing pumps are so new that they aren’t even listed on the SWC website. However, they are currently listed for sale through one of the SWC distributors, Reef Filtration.

A short description of how to program the pumps can be read below, along with an image of the four pump add-on model.

SWC Dosing Pump

To program the dosing pump, users have four buttons to pick from. To choose the specific pump, simply click the “P” button and cycle through until you get to the one you want. Once the pump is selected, a click of the “V” button changes the dosing volume from 1 to 99 ml. The time span for each dosing can be set with the “T” button, which ranges from 1 to 99 hours, and once all of the settings have been fine tuned, press the enter button (labeled “E”) to save the settings. If users want to do a manual dosing, they simply need to select the pump and hold down the enter button.

We have high hopes for these dosing pumps, as they are affordable and will be great alternatives over calcium and kalkwasser reactors.


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