Picture of the Week, Rainbow Wellsophyllia


Rainbow Wellsophyllia
Pictured in this week’s AquaNerd Pic of the Week is a top down shot of an absolutely stunning rainbow colored Wellsophyllia brain coral, and it’s one that also has a sexy neighbor…another great Wellso. These open brain colors are the perfect match for the reef keeper looking to instantly add a healthy dose of color to their aquarium, all the while keeping things simple and fairly easy to care for. The Wellsos, and other open brains, are easy to care for and do great when placed down low in the aquarium and actually look more intense under subdued lighting with a decent dose of the blues. Making things even more interesting, at feeding time these corals open up, exposing their feeding tentacles and turning into an almost entirely different coral.

We wanted to thank Kevin Apsley for sending this, and other photos of his nice new Wellso collection. If you would like to send photos for the AquaNerd POTW, just hit the contact link at the top of the page.


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