The New Elos E-Style Chamber Feeds Your Filters with Style


Elos E-style Chamber

Elos is always developing stylish solutions for freshwater and marine aquaria, and this latest product fits right into that scheme. This tiny external box, dubbed the E-Style Chamber, is an unobtrusive device for moving water back and forth between the aquarium and its associated filtration, such as a canister filter. This small acrylic box, which snugly fits onto the rim of the aquarium, keeps the water flowing without the fear of algae blocking the lines because the black acrylic completely blocks out light and prevents obstructions from growing in the tubing. At the same time, it keeps the usually messy aquarium tubing a little easy on the eyes by proving a stylish way for them to be mounted to the aquarium. There are currently two models available in a multitude of different sizes, with one model using a long strainer tube and a 90 degree outlet pipe and the other using a strainer sponge on the inlet. The Elos E-Style Chambers are currently only available in Japan, but we expect them to invade Europe and eventually the States in the coming months. In terms of prices, the E-Style Chamber with the foam strainer runs around ¥5800, or $75. The chamber without the foam strainer will cost ¥4800, which translates to about $60.

Elos E-style Overflow

UPDATE: We mistakenly called the E-Chamber an external overflow box, which it obviously isn’t. This chamber is not designed to draw in water through a siphoning action alone like the typical external overflows, but simply attaches to canister filters and other similar items.


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