Hands Down, The Sickest Plate Coral Ever


Dark Blue Plate Coral from Roc Citi Coralz

Aquarium keepers have an unquenchable thirst for over the top, insanely colored corals, and looking at the latest gem from Roc Citi Coralz, we can certainly understand why. The guys at this New York based coral vendor got their hands on the sickest plate coral that we’ve ever seen and were showing it off over on their Reef2Reef page. The plate sports a deep blue, almost black, base color with bright yellow tentacles and a glowing orange mouth. It truly is one of a kind and the Roc Citi Coralz crew knows this…that’s why they are holding onto it. And I honestly can’t say that I blame them. I’d seriously regret letting something as amazing as this walk away. Perhaps they are sitting on similarly colored gems and will be letting the public in on them…we could only hope. Until then, we’ll just have to drool at this amazing piece.


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