Tip of the Day – 2/15/2012


Want a quick and easy way to mount soft corals to your live rock? Try using a toothpick. Whether wooden or plastic, toothpicks provide a great way to secure a soft leather coral to the rock, allowing it to grow out and attach to the live rock. If the toothpick is wooden, it will eventually dissolve, leaving only the attached coral behind. Of course, this also means whatever is in the toothpick will also get into your water, so be sure to clean the toothpick thoroughly before use. As for the plastic toothpick, it won’t dissolve, but will likely stick around for a number of years. Depending on the coral color, this might mean you see a toothpick inside of its tissues. It might also mean the coral will take on a non-natural, stiff appearance as it tries to sway in the current.


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