Tip of the Day – 2/21/2012


Have a piece of equipment in the aquarium that’s been there a while, but is also one that you have to interact with on a regular basis? Items like algae magnets and seaweed clips make our lives so much easier, but you have to be really careful when removing them from the aquarium…especially after they’ve been in there a while. Tube worms and other organisms will make these plastic items their home, and whenever you go to take the equipment out of the tank, you’ll likely stab yourself in the fingers with the sharp shells of the otherwise harmless invertebrates. The ordeal can be quite painful, especially if there are multiple tube worms on the items you are grabbing. So, take caution when handling submerged aquarium equipment and try not to apply much force with your fingers except in places where tube worms and other hard organisms are definitely not present.


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