Tip of the Day – 2/23/2012


Have unusually low water pressure at your home during the same time you’re wanting to top off your aquarium’s water or do a water change? If what you’re trying to accomplish can’t wait, there are a few options available. For one, drive up to the local fish store and buy a jug full of freshwater. If all you’re wanting is to top off, this shouldn’t pose an issue. If you’re wanting to do a water change on the other hand, it might be best to just put that off until your water pressure has been restored. Another option is relying on a nearby aquarium keeper. Chances are you know somebody in the vicinity who also operates a full blown reef that uses RO/DI water too. The only problem here is that the person may be experiencing the same drop in water pressure that you’re facing. If all else fails, then you could always run up to the local grocery store and get a jug of water. This is obviously a last source and you should only do this if your pumps are starting to run dry and there’s no end to the water pressure shortage in sight.


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