Tip of the Day – 2/7/2012


When babysitting corals for a hobbyist in need, do not take it upon yourself to grab a frag or two for your troubles. Even though you might get offered a frag at the end of your coral sitting gig, it’s just not polite to act before given permission. Heck, I wouldn’t even feel comfortable asking. But these sorts of things do happen, and far too often. I’ve seen coral sitters fragging up their friends stuff without permission time and time again locally. One of the infamous stories occurred when someone “accidentally dropped” a very large Acropora colony, causing it to shatter into pieces all over the concrete floor. As the owner of the coral, what can you do? The damage has been done, and some people prey on that. Our suggestion is to not be a total jerk, but do the right thing. Don’t steal from your friends during their time of need.


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