Unusual Aquarium Livestock at Fish Gallery Houston


Since starting a major project at work that requires I be there 14 days in a row and getting only one day off, I haven’t had a whole lot of time to peruse the local aquarium scene here in Houston. Fortunately, yesterday was that one off day and I decided to pay a quick visit to Fish Gallery. I did some casual browsing, eventually stumbling across a fish that I’ve never personally seen locally…a jet gurnard. Naturally amazed by this weird fish and one that I’ve only seen a couple of times otherwise, the trusty old camera phone had to pull through for me once again. The gurnard can be seen crawling across the bottom of the tank, using its modified pectoral fins to aid it along the way. The second amazing creature we stumble upon is a pair of blue velvet nudibranchs. These gorgeous inverts are not only pleasing to the eye, but they play a very big role in pest control. They are most noted for their taste in red flatworms, which can reach plague-like levels in any aquarium if left unchecked. Though the two nudis aren’t doing anything exciting in the video, it’s not often we come across them, so we figured what they hey. Finishing off our trip, we get to look at a freshly re-aquascaped 29 gallon Oceanic Biocube powered by a Kessil A150w LED. This tank has been a huge inspiration to me and is one of the biggest reasons I picked up my own Oceanic nano to decorate my office with.


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